José Javier Guarderas

CEO, Premios Verdes
José Javier Guarderas is Premios Verdes' Co-founder and CEO, an organization benefiting more than 20 thousand projects from over 1000 cities and 53 countries. Established in 2013, Premios Verdes is a movement that finds, connects and amplifies the game changers driving the transformation needed for a sustainable planet. With over 20 years of experience in corporate sustainability management, José Javier has acted as a board member of several prestigious institutions such as FAN (Ecuador's Environmental Fund) and INCAE and has served as ASOGUAYAS' president and Guayaquil’s Chamber of Commerce vice-president. Currently, he acts as the General Manager at Sambito (Total Environmental Solutions). He is CEO of SEGINUS and RECOIL, two Ecuadorian non-profit organizations with a circular economy model managing tire, lubricant oil and used packaging waste. He is a founding partner at Califi-!k, a company dedicated to sustainable management, certifying suppliers meeting the supply chain guidelines and environmental commitments. Furthermore, he is a founding partner at Felicidad, a Portuguese company specializing in sustainable communications, and leads several sustainable development projects in Mexico and Peru, replicating companies' environmental commitments. Jose Javier holds an Agricultura! Engineering degree from EARTH University in Costa Rica with post-graduate certifications in Business Marketing Strategy from Kellogg School of Management, Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies from Cambridge University, plus two more certifications from the INCAE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Costa Rica. His professional trajectory has allowed efficient consolidation of green and circular economy models in Ecuador and Latin America.